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April 3, 2020

Good Evening, 
I am writing to all of you, this evening, to inform you that the SCTA Executive has made the hard decision to postpone the upcoming AGM & Education Sessions until the fall. This is a very confusing time for all of us, and we must all lean on each other for support. Remember we are all going through this together and we will all come out of this together as well. I am sure that we are all hopeful that our diligent preparations, as a province, will have the proclaimed beneficial results. If there are any concerns that you feel the SCTA Executive should be made aware of please feel free to contact any member through email. I have also started a thread on the Facebook page to discuss any COVID updates for hospitals and clinics. I think this a great way to increase communication across Saskatchewan about what is planned or already being done at various sites. I know personally, that things in Saskatoon are changing very quickly - I assume this is the same in all of our sites across the Province. As a group we must all mentally prepare ourselves for the worst and be prepared to show our skills whenever we will be needed. As always, the SCTA will inform all of you of any updates or changes in the upcoming months.


Take care and stay healthy,
Oksana Czaikowski
SCTA President